Takilma Band History....

TAKILMA...the name was found on a road sign that leads to a magical forest location with lush rivers in Southern Oregon that founding member Big Nate (bass/vox) encountered in 1995. The road sign was named after the TAKELMA native american tribe. 

While forming the band with founding member BK (guitar/vox/keys) in Northern California the name was suggested as the band lacked in any good alternatives and the name was unique.  It was adopted and the band was born.

Since 1996 Takilma has been rocking the western half of the US with its unique brand & mix of rock, blues, jam & progressive conscious minded lyrics. 

Right out of high school, founding members BK & Big Nate began mixing solid modern rocking original songs with classic rock and blues covers in a jam band style. This unique sound for their scene and time frame allowed them to perform live regularly in clubs, bars, fairs and festivals all over the west coast. 

The bands current line up also consists of Orion Martin (vox/guitar/harmonica) , Hunter Jones (lead guitar) and long time member Cameron McLaren (drums). 

From local bars and clubs to main stages at large music festivals Takilma always brings some tastey rock jams that keep the people shuffling their feet and asking for more! 

For booking & any other business contact: takilmatheband@gmail.com

TAKILMA 2021 IS.....

orion martin - vocals/guitar/harmonica


BK - Guitar/vocals/keys


Cameron Mclaren - drums


Big nate - bass/vocals


Hunter Jones - Lead Guitar


The band has been blessed to have had a stellar group of musical brothers to work with both live and in the studio over its 2 decade career.  We would like to salute all our former and current members:

- JT Rocker (vocals, harmonica, guitars, percussion) OG!

- Micah C. Miracle (guitars, vocals, keys) OG!

- Aben Vincent (drums) OG!

- Basilio Salaices (drums)

- Eddie "Guitar" Loebs (guitars)

- Adam Barreras (guitars)

- Mike B (vocals)

- Robert B (keys, guitars)

- Brandon "Peach" Glasscock (drums)

- Joe Hatch (drums, audio tech)

- Eric (guitars)

- Darrell B (guitars)

- Scott Doolittle (guitars)

- Marcus Fernandez (drums)